Friday, December 23, 2011

The Good Father

Just because we don't get what we want doesn't mean God is a mean God. It doesn't mean he doesn't care. If we understand that he's good well trust that when he says no, he is being a good father. What parent gives their child everything they want?  We are children. We don't know what's good for us, this is why we have a father. We're free to trust him, he will never harm us and if he takes something from us or doesn't give us what we want he will give us something far greater than he took and more desirable than we thought. He will give us a deeper closeness with himself and a strange disenchantment with this world. We will start to see things as they really are: fleeting pleasures and will truly long for our home. 
He loves us too much to give us what we want because often what we want will not satisfy,  often it is not him. Our earthly dads have said no to us because they've lived longer and experienced more, they have some wisdom. Our great. Father says no because he is the story writer, he is wisdom by definition, he knows what hes doing, he knows the way the story ends. Not only that, but he promises us that for those who believe the story always ends for our good, always.

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